A Brand NEW Arrival! Neptune™ Rigid Core Waterproof Floors

What is Neptune™?

Neptune’s™ rigid core is made out of 100% virgin material and contains 60% limestone giving it incredible strength, rigidity and waterproof properties, making it 3 times more rigid and 10 times more impact resistant than standard LVT!
The finer details:

  • Quartz enhanced urethane coating
  • Deep structured decorative layer
  • Rigid plasticizer-free core - 3 times more rigid than LVT
  • Extra tight click system - 100% Waterproof
  • Sound absorbing pad - Pre-attached pad


Why Should You Choose Neptune™ Flooring?

This strength of this flooring makes it a perfect choice for commercial spaces. our flooring contractors and install up to 6400 square feet without any transition and is 2 times more heat resistant than regular luxury vinyl tile.