We're getting some deals right now and we want to pass them on to you!

At Professional Flooring Solutions, we have been installing and finishing BOTH raw and prefinished floors, since 2004. Right now we can get select types of quality, pre-finished solid hardwood, at amazing prices! The reason is simple, our supplier has a surplus and would like to move it, giving us the discount to give to you this Holiday season, and quite honestly, while supplies last.

3.25" 3/4 " thick Somerset Red Oak- Natural $3.30 a sq/ft
3.25" 3/4 " thick Somerset Red Oak- Smoke $3.30 a sq/ft
3.24" 3/4" thick Somerset White Oak - $3.30 a sq/ft
2.25" American Walnut 3/4" thick - $4.00 sq/ft
3.25" American Hickory 3/4" thick Somerset - $4.30 sq/ft
4.5" 3/4" Hunter's Mill Spice Hickory - $4.30 sq/ft - Recommendation is glue down which does cost more in the installation.

Another super affordable option is Neptune's Rigid Core Waterproof Floor - $3 sq ft
It has the beauty and look of wood but is scratch resistant, 100% waterproof, and because of it's rigid, solid construction, it will not bend and can be installed directly over surfaces such as tile, linoleum, or concrete WITHOUT demo or glue down installation. The Elite and Max also have built in foam waterproof backing. The Max line (available only in colors shown) has the thickest foam backing. The Essentials has none but backing could be added.

We do not have our own surplus of these products and these prices are only available for the specified color & width of each specific product. Basic installation price is $4 sq/ft without glue down.